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  • How do I block my card?

    Call our 24-hour Support Centre toll-free numbers. Provide the Support Centre attendant with your card number and mobile number to have your card immediately.

  • How do I get a TapCard?

    Visit your nearest NMB Bank branch or ZimPost office. All you will need to get TapCard is your mobile number and RTGS$5.

  • How are payments made to me settled?

    Upon registration as a merchant, you will be asked to provide a settlement channel. This can be a bank account you hold with any bank or a mobile wallet.

  • What happens when my TapCard device is damaged?

    Bring it to out TapCard offices for repair or replacement.

  • Do I have to remember my TapCard number(s)?

    Luckily no. You can give your TapCard a name you can remember. That way you don't have to memorise you the 19-digit number on your TapCard.

  • What charges should I be aware of as a TapCard merchant?

    The only fees you will be charged are at settlement. All settlements will be charged a flat 1% fee. Additionally, if you do not hold an NMB Bank account as a merchant, you will be charged RTGS$10 for settlement to your respective bank.

  • What happens to the money in my TapCard if I lose it?

    Come to the office and complete a transfer-value form.

  • How do I secure my TapCard?

    Always treat your TapCard like you would your cash. Because TapCard works without a PIN, you must always keep your card safe. In the event that you've lost your TapCard, you can immediately block it using the TapCard app or from the TapCard website or by calling our toll free number.

  • Can I unblock my lost TapCard if I it?

    Unfortunately blocking a TapCard is not reversible. However, you will be able to transfer your TapCard balance to a new replacement card.

  • If I block my TapCard, do I pay for a replacement card?

    Yes. TapCard replacements have to be paid for. It will cost the same as buying a new TapCard. However, your TapCard balance from your blocked card will be transferred to your new TapCard. You don't lose your money.

  • How much is the commission for selling a TapCard as an agent?

    As a TapCard Agent, you will earn 15% of the card price. This commission will be settled to the agent's at the frequency of their choice.

  • What are the requirements to become a TapCard merchant?

    The requirements differ on the kind of merchant you want to be.

    The requirements for Kombi drivers are as follows:

    1. Route permit
    2. Proof of membership to GHACO

    1. Proof of residence
    2. 2 passport-sized photos
    3. Certified ID
    4. Proof of trading (Business license, supplier receipts, delivery notes, bank statement, etc)

  • Do I need to pay a deposit to get a TapCard POS device?

    Yes. If you do not belong to an association that is registered with TapCard you will need to pay an initial deposit of RTGS$50.





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