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Merchant Questions


  • Do I need to pay a deposit to get a TapCard POS device?

    Yes. If you do not belong to an association that is registered with TapCard you will need to pay an initial deposit of RTGS$50.

  • What are the requirements to become a TapCard merchant?

    The requirements differ on the kind of merchant you want to be.

    The requirements for Kombi drivers are as follows:

    1. Route permit
    2. Proof of membership to GHACO

    1. Proof of residence
    2. 2 passport-sized photos
    3. Certified ID
    4. Proof of trading (Business license, supplier receipts, delivery notes, bank statement, etc)

  • What charges should I be aware of as a TapCard merchant?

    The only fees you will be charged are at settlement. All settlements will be charged a flat 1% fee. Additionally, if you do not hold an NMB Bank account as a merchant, you will be charged RTGS$10 for settlement to your respective bank.

  • How are payments made to me settled?

    Upon registration as a merchant, you will be asked to provide a settlement channel. This can be a bank account you hold with any bank or a mobile wallet.





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